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    Myti is developed, manufactured and distributed by FBM Antwerp. The entrepreneurial spirit and 30 years of experience in manufacturing apparel are the bedrock of this new Antwerp-based brand. Extensive knowledge and know-how is used to create comfortable fashion for contemporary women. This original brand is exclusively sold by High-End multi-brand stores and webshops throughout Europe.
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    Every day the FBM-team goes to extremes to create ‘Comfort Without limits’, that appeals to those who are looking for fashionable comfort & quality. Elegant women, not limited by size, who cherish a personal style that is both original and feminine, are truly the essence of the brand. Exquisite comfortable fabrics, attention to feminine details and advanced craftsmanship are essential to the Myti vision.
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    • Empower women to express their femininity by creating innovative fabrics and prints.
    • Clothes that are designed to last with elegant cuts up to size 52.
    • Establish an original sense of style, appealing to new global female morphology.
    • Build a clear concept around the founding values of comfort, femininity and quality.
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    The Myti woman is elegant and sophisticated. To her, true beauty is something that can only be found from within and in the little things in life, a size more or less is rather subordinate. Always true to herself she feels confident in stylish simplicity and chic comfort.